Ah, the life of a snowbird! Enjoying the warm Florida sun during the winter months and then migrating back north when the temperatures start to rise. But before you spread your wings and head for cooler climes, there are a few things you’ll want to take care of to ensure your Fort Myers nest is cozy and secure while you’re away.

1. Batten Down the Hatches: First things first, make sure your home is secure. Lock up all windows and doors, and consider investing in a good security system. You never know who might try to break in and steal your sunscreen collection!

2. Turn Off the Water: One of the worst surprises to come home to is a flooded house. Shut off the main water supply and drain your pipes to prevent any leaks or bursts while you’re gone. Trust me, water damage is no joke – unless you’re a fish, in which case, swim on over!

3. Unplug Everything: Save some energy and reduce the risk of electrical fires by unplugging appliances and electronics. Plus, it’ll give your home that extra unplugged vibe, like it’s on a digital detox while you’re away.

4. Clean Out the Fridge: Don’t let your leftovers become a science experiment. Toss out any perishables and give the fridge a good wipe down. And hey, if you find a mystery container lurking in the back, maybe just leave it for the next homeowners to discover. It’ll be like a culinary time capsule!

5. Secure Outdoor Furniture: Fort Myers is known for its beautiful outdoor spaces, but those patio chairs and umbrellas can quickly become projectiles in a summer storm. Secure them or bring them inside to avoid any unexpected lawn decor rearrangements.

6. Set Up Home Watch Services: Now, here’s where things get serious. You need someone trustworthy to keep an eye on your home while you’re away, and that’s where BHW Services comes in. These folks are like the neighborhood watch, but with better sunglasses and more sunscreen. Give them a call, and they’ll make sure your home stays safe and sound until you return.

7. Say Goodbye to the Critters: No, I’m not talking about your nosy neighbor – although, you might want to say goodbye to them too. I’m talking about the critters that might try to make themselves at home in yours. Seal up any cracks or holes, and consider setting out some traps or deterrents to keep pests at bay.

8. Leave a Note for Yourself: Finally, leave a note for your future self. Remind yourself where you stashed the spare key and when you need to schedule your next beach day. And don’t forget to tell yourself how much you’re going to miss Fort Myers while you’re gone. It’s okay to get a little sentimental – just make sure no one sees you doing it.

And there you have it, folks! Follow these tips, and you’ll be all set to head north for the summer with peace of mind. Just remember to give BHW Services a call before you go – after all, you don’t want your home to get lonely without you. Safe travels, snowbirds!

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